I am. I’m SUPER annoyed…at food. Yeah…I said it…at food. What?

I blogged a few days ago…or a week ago…whatever…about how we have changed the way we eat and are trying to eat healthier and it’s been great. We’ve discovered new foods and cut wayyyyy back on grease and fats and so there are fewer upset bellies and fewer sluggish nights. That being said though I’ve been feeling more tired than ever and obviously I’ve gone from one extreme to the other. I went from eating unhealthily (and a lot of extra calories) to eating very healthily (but way too few calories).

Today I thought I did well. I woke up on time and I ate a solid breakfast and even drank a glass of milk even though I’m not a huge fan of milk straight from the glass. I had to go and pick up my mom from the airport and I took a snack with me so I could graze as recommended. Then when I got home I ate dinner and even added some extra crackers and a slice of cheese just so I could add some calories and make sure I hit my recommended levels. So what’s the damage?

I hit a whopping 1055 calories! WTF?! My recommended daily calorie intake is about 1890 which means that I am over 800 calories BELOW my recommended daily values. It is no wonder I always feel as tired as I do. This is insane and here I thought I was actually doing well and it even crossed my mind that I might have over-eaten.

So what to do? I can’t eat larger portions because as it is I’m full when I eat. Do I eat more often? Seriously? I already feel like I eat all day. The 1890 calories is the recommended level to maintain my current weight which is what I want to do because I absolutely do not want to lose the curves and the ass that my husband loves so much! I can feel myself losing weight though and I don’t like it, I just want to stay where I am. Right now though it’s 2am and I’m 800 calories short so I guess today is a bust and it’s on to tomorrow…

I know it’s a senseless rant but when I tracked my nutrition for the day and found out how completely I failed I felt pretty disappointed. Damn you health food! 🙂


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