Spring Training


Today: Rays announce Spring Training schedule | raysbaseball.com: News.


Do you know what that means? It means that soon…very, very, very soon I will be back to ballparks and baseball gloves and baseball caps and hot dogs and nachos and fireworks and gameday concerts and arguing balls and strikes and cowbells and foam fingers and yayyyy baseball! It’s the best sport ever. It truly is.

The Rays have 16 home games during spring training this year which is awesome! Their spring training home is close by so we will be able to catch some games this spring and that makes me definitely want to jump up and down and dance around and cheer. The first home game is March 4th which is all of 4 months and 8 days from now. Yesss! So close!

I love baseball. I’m a huge fan and I have missed baseball terribly, especially after the heartbreaking end of the season for my Rays. My only consolation last season was knowing that we beat Boston to advance to the playoffs and that those damn Yankees didn’t make it any further in the playoffs than we did. That makes me smile. I don’t actually hate the Yankee players, most of those guys are actually pretty good guys (I said MOST) but it’s the management and the fans of the Yankees that make me angry and make me hate them. It seems like every time I dislike someone I end up finding out they are Yankee fans and suddenly it all seems to make sense. The worst kind are the Yankee fans that aren’t even from New York. I could go on and on but I won’t. I’m done with my little Yankee fan rant.

Baseball is coming back and that is awesome! The Rays have announced their Spring Training schedule and that is even more awesome! I’ll be able to go to my first baseball game with my husband and that is super awesomely awesome! Yeah…I’m a happy girl.


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