Change in Habits

About two months ago I made some major changes to my eating habits. A lot of not feeling well and a little research will make you make big changes. I know you’re curious as to what those changes are so here are a few of them…

Change – I stopped eating steak, beef, pork, ham, lamb, veal, etc. Really, the only meat I eat now is chicken and turkey with the occasional seafood although I’m not a big seafood fan. I do eat eggs, bacon and sausage but not frequently; I would say I eat breakfast meats like that less than once a week.

Why? – I have never been a big fan of steak, pork, ham, lamb or veal to begin with so it wasn’t really a hard decision. I haven’t missed it at all. I kept trying to find ways to incorporate those meats in to my diet so that I could get the protein that I need but then I finally just gave up and accepted that there are enough other ways to get protein that I don’t need to force myself to find ways to eat those meats. I do like beef but I cut it out as well because it’s really not healthy to begin with and it’s best to leave it out. I eat a lot of chicken and occasionally I will eat turkey or seafood because they are lean meats without a lot of fat or grease. Not to mention, “seafood” is a pretty broad topic with a lot of options in there.

Change – I stopped drinking anything that isn’t water, orange juice, lemonade or tea although I will allow myself one cup of coffee per day. It’s really hard to give up those Panera Bread Caramel Latte’s.

Why? – Carbonated and sugary drinks like soda are not good for you, neither are sugary juice drinks. They cause your triglycerides to go up, they cause damage to your teeth and they cause unhealthy spikes in your energy levels and cause energy “crashes” later.  Drinks like that are empty calories and really cause a lot of extra weight gain. I have an addiction to orange juice so I still drink that but aside from that it’s either water or tea. I do still drink alcohol but I limit it to no more than two drinks and only one night a week when my husband and I join our trivia team and show off our genius. 🙂

Change – I make a point of eating breakfast every single day. I eat breakfast even if it means my make-up isn’t perfect, my hair isn’t exact, or my legs go unshaved (I know…I’m sorry…I usually have them waxed anyway so this isn’t really a big deal).

Why? I have always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but now that I am actually eating breakfast every single day I understand just how true that is. I try to eat oatmeal and wheat toast every morning and sometimes I add applesauce (love applesauce!) I wake up easier, I feel better all day long, and I feel like my body is starting to regulate itself and get on a schedule. It’s nice and I like that.

So those are the major changes but now that I do all of that and I don’t eat out (although it’s hard to resist a soup/sandwich meal at Panera Bread) it’s really hard to keep my nutrition intake up and keep weight on. I actually had to start tracking my calories, carbohydrates, protein, iron, fats, cholesterol, sodium and fiber. Today I feel like I’ve eaten all day long (oatmeal, wheat toast, applesauce, orange juice, southwestern chicken salad w/ veggies, cheese, toast, coffee) and yet I am still under 1,000 calories. I’ll be honest…I’m really more at about 800 calories. I’m supposed to eat about 1,800 calories per day in order to keep my weight maintained and I’m nowhere close to that today. I’m actually nowhere close to that any day but I’m trying to get better about it. I don’t want to lose any more weight. I’m in a size 6 right now and I’m extremely happy with that, anything smaller and I’m going to lose those curves my husband finds oh-so-sexy.


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