Seeking Advice

I need advice regarding my education, my degree and my career. I don’t know what you do when you need advice but I tend to ask those around me whose opinions I truly value for their thoughts and suggestions and then I pray and I try to pay attention to the signs. Here is how it has all gone down recently…

I prayed and I said that I was having serious doubts about pursuing a degree in Supervision and Management. I explained that there are some people who are born for corporate  careers and who thrive in that type of industry but I do not feel as though I am one of them. I have had success in the corporate business world, I have a positive track record, excellent references, a well written resume, many professional accomplishments and I am well liked by my company and our affiliates and they are looking forward to having me on staff for a long time to come. The problem is that my heart is not in it and I feel as though I am only pursuing the degree which will offer me advancements at my company because I am good at it and I’m comfortable. I do not enjoy it  though. I am not a corporate shark no matter how well I play the role and so I prayed and I asked if I am really doing what I should be doing and here is what has happened since…

  1. I met with my Academic Advisor at school and she pulled a copy of my transcript to verify that I had successfully met the criteria for my A.A. degree and to verify that I was ready to move on to the upper tier classes. While reviewing my transcript she asked me if I was sure I wanted to pursue Business Supervision and Management. I asked her why she was asking me if I was unsure and she pointed to my transcript record and she said, “Because every semester you have enrolled in Education courses and then withdrawn. Why have you withdrawn?” I had no response.
  2. I attended orientation for the Business Supervision and Management degree and I learned that the majority of the courses that I will need to graduate with my degree are only offered at the main college campus which is 1.5 hours away from where I live, which means that I will have to take time off from work on the days those classes are offered so that I can get there on time and not miss classes. It is highly inconvenient, if not impossible for me to do that because I have to take at least three classes per semester to qualify for my financial aid and if those three classes are all offered only the main campus and are all only one day per week I would have to take off three days per week to attend classes. Now, if the classes are offered in the evening (which they most likely are) the classes would start at 5:30pm which means I would still have to request that I am able to leave my job an hour early (at 4:00pm) three days a week to attend classes. My professional job is not going to accommodate the request, I guarantee it.
  3. The classes I would need to enroll in for the Spring 2012 semester are already full.
So what does that say? Well, to me it’s saying that I may not be looking down the right path if all I see when I look down that way are hazard and warning signs.
So then I asked my husband what he thinks I should do. He gave me a look and said that he is not going to tell me what to do but he will give me something to think about. He said, “Why would you want to invest so much time and money in a degree for a job that you don’t think you want. You already said you don’t feel like your heart is in it, would you put so much effort chasing anything else your heart wasn’t in? Think about that and make your decision.” My answer would obviously be no. I wouldn’t invest thousands of dollars and hours and hours and hours of time chasing after something that I wasn’t 100% certain that I absolutely wanted and absolutely must have so why am I considering doing that with my education? It’s ridiculous really.
It appears then that my mind is made up. Come January of 2012 I will be pursuing a career in Middle School education.

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