It’s a Public Couch

My husband and I decided to go to Starbucks today. Actually, we go to Starbucks a lot but this morning we woke up, wanted coffee, and decided to go to Starbucks for a cup. It was PACKED when we got there! Busier than we had ever seen it and some group of people was having their holiday planning meeting there so most of the tables were moved outside so they could all sit together and plan their festivities. Anyway, you get the point, the place was packed and there was nowhere to sit but my husband and I are clever people and we finangled ourselves a seat. We found a table that had no chairs around it, then we borrowed a big comfy oversized chair from the corner and pushed it up to the table then I asked a gentleman who was sitting alone if I could steal his second chair. Boom! A table and two chairs awaited us. Fast forward about 5 minutes and the nice gentleman who had let me steal his second chair was leaving and told me that we were welcome to his table so we packed our up coffees and scones and computers and bags and we moved. In case you are keeping count, we are now at table #2. This one was a high top and we were both in chairs that matched the table, it was nice but the table was a bit small for two coffees, food, two computers and phones but we made it work. We’re awesome like that!

Then the people that were in the corner left. In the corner of this particular Starbucks there is a big comfy leather chair, an end table, a coffee table and a soft couch. It looked a lot more comfortable than the small high top table we were sitting at so we moved (again) with all of our stuff. We even sat in the chair and the edge of the couch in the corner so the rest of the couch was available in case someone else needed a place to sit.

Then, about 30 minutes later, a middle-aged couple came in to get coffee. While they were waiting for their drinks to be made they looked over at us and started grumbling about how “there are always people sitting in the good spot” and how we were in their favorite place to sit. Really? Why bitch and complain? What did they want us to do? Did they really expect us to move so they could sit there? At this time there were other tables they could sit at, they just didn’t want to because they are arrogant self-righteous people who have an undeserved sense of entitlement. We simply ignored them and they eventually left still grumbling under their breath.

What do you make of people like that? It’s so unnecessary. It’s not like you can call ahead and reserve a couch or a table at Starbucks, you just show up and sit where you can sit. It really shouldn’t be a big deal but those people were acting like it just simply ruined their day that they couldn’t sit in the corner. Whatever people, grow up and stop the silly whining.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Public Couch

  1. God… people like that are the bane of my existence. Especially since I’m an overly apologetic person anyway, so I always tend to succumb to such pressures. Case in point, my best friend took my laptop without asking, then spilt an entire bottle of hair mousse on it and broke it, and I apologized to HER for the loss of her hair mousse…I’m a chump. What can I say.

    Love the post! Keep ’em coming!

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