Happy Birthday!

Happy 75th birthday to my Grandma!!! Yayyy for her! She made it 3/4 of a century. 😀

It was a good day. Her birthday is actually the 22nd but we celebrated it on the 21st. My cousin planned a surprise party for her at a waterfront restaurant in town. My whole family is full of really bad liars so it wasn’t easy to pull off a surprise party but we managed to do it because she was shocked when she got there. Yayyy us! Lol. My cousin’s 13-year old son even played “Happy Birthday” for her on his saxophone, that was really cute. I tried to video it on my cell phone but with dim lighting and no flash it didn’t turn out very well. It’s a shame because it was really cute. It was also really cold. I was very WTH?! while we were there. It’s FL! I know it’s October…I know it’ the end of October…but it’s also FLORIDA and I was not expecting it to be so cold. It was manageable though, we just needed a little coffee to keep the chills away.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!! Here’s to hoping for many more!


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