Why Can’t They Just Sing?

Over the last few weeks there has been some construction going on at my office. Our roof has needed some repairs (small ones prior to the tornadoes and now big ones after the tornadoes) and so we hired a roofing company. A roofing company and repairs means one thing (well, it means a lot of things really but for the sake of this post it means one thing) and that thing is … construction workers.

For the most part they have kept to themselves but on Wednesday when I left work out the side door of the office building I heard someone shouting at me. I couldn’t understand them, I had no idea what they were saying because it was hard to make it out over the sounds of the equipment. I turned around (it stopped) and there was no one there so I kept walking. I heard the shouting again so I turned around (it stopped) and looked up and I saw two heads quickly duck down behind the edging wall of the roof.

Mystery solved.

Stupid construction worker men were shouting at me and I was annoyed. My feathers were ruffled. My husband was here to pick me up and after I glared in their general direction (they were behind the little wall so I doubt they saw me) I walked to my husband’s car, got inside and went home. I know how protective he is of me and I knew if I said something to him he would have climbed up on the roof and whipped some major ass so I just let it go … until yesterday.

Yesterday I came to work and I was annoyed just being here because I was thinking about those two douchebags. I finally e-mailed my supervisor and I said, “When I left yesterday from the side door two of the men who are working on our roof were shouting at me from the rooftop. I couldn’t understand them but when I turned around and looked up they ducked down so I couldn’t see them. When I turned to walk toward the parking lot again they started up again. My husband was here so I left but I didn’t like it. Unfortunately, I didn’t see them so I don’t know who it was and I couldn’t understand them so I don’t know what they said but I wanted to say something to someone.”

I didn’t want to be rude nor did I want to assume that they were being derogatory or crude. It may have been something like, “Hey! We’re stuck up here on the roof! Our ladder fell and we can’t get down! Help! Help! Help!” although I doubt it because if that had been the case they wouldn’t have hidden, right? That’s what I’m thinking anyway. So I told my supervisor and she forwarded the incident to the administrative manager who addressed the foreman of the work crew and the owner of the roofing company who both expressed their apologies and promised to address the crew to prevent further incident.

Ugh…I’d rather construction men just sing, “YMCA” or “Macho Man.” LOL.


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