While I was at work today I noticed a box I’d never noticed before. It was sitting on the desk next to me. It was flat(ish) and long. It was black and it had a red and black floral lid and I had never, ever, ever seen it before. It sat there, unattended, on the desk next to me for hours annoying the hell out of me because I kept wondering, “What is in there???” but my aversion to invading someone else’s privacy kept me from peeking inside no matter how super curious I was feeling.

Finally…after HOURS of curiosity…I had to find out.

My supervisor walked by and I pounced!

Me – “Cindy! Where did that box come from? I’ve never seen it before. What’s in there?”

Cindy – “Oh, that’s just some handmade jewelry. Janice’s husband makes it. It’s his new hobby. She’s selling it, take a look if you want.”

If I want? I’ve been wanting to for HOURS! I grabbed the box and dumped the whole thing out on my desk and there were tons of beaded necklaces and earrings. Some were kind of ehhhhh but some were awesome! There was one that grabbed my attention immediately and I thought, “I have the most perfect blouse for that necklace!” (or should that be, “That is the most perfect necklace for my blouse!” Either way…) I looked at her price sheet. It was $15. I bought it.

Then I get home and I’m looking at it and it’s beautiful and it does match my shirt perfectly and I’m sure I’ll wear it as soon as it gets coldish enough for me to wear that top but I felt myself kind of annoyed because I started thinking that, yes $15 is nothing for a really great necklace but I bet I could make it and I bet it would cost me a hell of a lot less than $15. I bet I could make at least 2, if not 3, necklaces like that for $15. He wouldn’t be selling it if he wasn’t making a profit.

Not to mention, HE is making jewelry? Psh! I guaran-damn-tee you I could make better jewelry than a HE can! HE doesn’t even wear jewelry! Then I remembered a woman I used to work with back when I lived in FL and she made jewelry too. She made it all the time and she was an idiot. (Don’t tell me to be nice, I am being nice, calling her an idiot is being nice. You don’t know this woman, don’t judge me, trust me, I could be calling her worse and she would deserve it.) Anyway, my point is that if a 50ish year old man can make jewelry and this idiot woman I used to work with could make jewelry then certainly I can make it too, right? Yes!

So that’s my new mission. I’m going to learn how to do it.


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