Decor Dreaming

I found all these new websites today and oh…how cute this stuff is! I wish I had a couple thousand dollars to spend right now because I would be redecorating my whole house. Or maybe I wish I had a couple hundred thousand right now and I’d buy a new house and then decorate the whole thing. Or maybe I wish I had a couple million dollars and I’d buy a few houses and decorate them all! Or maybe I wish I had a couple hundred million dollars … anyway … I think you get my point. I wish I had extra money to spend so that I could buy some of this super cute stuff for my apartment. My poor husband…he wouldn’t know what hit him. Lol.

So without further ado…some of the super cute stuff that’s stolen my heart today…

(Oh…and I’ll guess I’ll have to add a Home Decor page to my Shopping list above. I’ll get on that later…when I have time…this weekend…sometime…soon…I think…I hope…

I know… I know… those are just a bunch of accessories and not really “furniture” but that just happened to be what I decided to share with you today. Besides, if I shared the huge overstuffed soft comfy dark brown couch I found or the gorgeous textured pillows and the big travel trunk that I want to double as my coffee table or the beautiful mission style sofa table which would hold those incredible peacocks I showed you up above then there would just be copycat rooms in homes across America. At least, there would be if I had blog readers across America but since the blog stats don’t tell me where you all are from I don’t really have any way of knowing if that’s true or not… I just like to dream. 🙂


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