Real Quick…

This situation has come up so many times today that I can’t help but wonder, “WTH? What are you thinking?” so I’m sharing it here. Am I the only one this bothers? Does anyone else really not get this? Where’s the logic?

A customer comes in to pay his bill and the bill is $118.61. He hands me a $100 bill and a $20 bill for a total of $120. Then says, “Wait. I’m going to give you $0.75. I don’t want to carry around all these coins.”

All these coins? So I have to ask, “Did you want to apply the extra $0.14 then and pay $118.75?”

Can you guess the response? He says, “No. Just pay the $118.61.”


Ok. So I take the $120.75 (One $100 bill. One $20 bill. Three quarters.)

I apply the $118.61.

I give him his change. His change is two $1 bills, one dime, four pennies.

Hmm…he paid three quarters to get back one dime and four pennies because he didn’t want to “carry around all these coins.”

How did that work out for you pal?


2 thoughts on “Real Quick…

  1. lol I’m not very good at math, but maybe it’s not the quantity but the weight of coins. Quarters are heavier than pennies and dimes. Regardless, I’m glad I’ve never had to make change as I’d probably want to clobber annoying customers like that.

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