Apartment Woes

I have such a love/hate relationship with apartment living. Or maybe it’s actually that I enjoy apartment living but I hate my current apartment. Or maybe it’s that I enjoy my current apartment but I’m frustrated with the current situation. I’m going to go with #3.

Here’s why I am happy my current apartment situation:

  • I’m new in town and I know where I’m going from my apartment. I know how to get to work (15 minutes! 🙂 and the mall and key places.
  • I’ve already moved in, hung pictures, painted the bathroom and decorated.
  • It’s upstairs and my next-door neighbor and downstairs neighbors are quiet.
  • It has a balcony with a pretty view of a church courtyard.
  • It allows puppies and my puppy is happy there.
  • The complex is clean.

Ok…I’m reaching. The point is I’ve lived there a while already so I’m moved in and comfortable, my deposits are already paid and the monthly rent is affordable and it’s easiest (and cheapest) to stay put and not move.

Here’s why I’m unhappy with my current apartment situation:

  • These new obnoxious neighbors moved in across the hall with two unauthorized dogs. They don’t even really live there, they seem to be sub-leasing from the quiet reserved guy who really lives there. The newbies are loud, arrogant, and annoying. Their dogs are obnoxious and they don’t clean up after them. They have a handdrawn pentagram in front of their front door and last night they were in parking lot with a bunch of their friends swinging around glowsticks on a string like some l0w-class, redneck, wannabe outdoor rave. It was lame and they are stupid.
  • My landlord will do nothing about it even though sub-leasing to someone is against our lease, their dogs are unauthorized, and everyone hates them.
  • My dog hates their dogs and finds them annoying so he barks everytime he hears or smells or sees them…which is often.
  • Neighbors moved in to the building next door and have people over ALL THE TIME who just hang out outside, don’t clean up after themselves, and the place looks trashy.
  • Between all the company with the neighbors in the building next door and the neighbors across the hall there are tons of extra cars there which means our parking lot is full and parking is a nuisance.

But…I lived there first and I like my apartment!!! I just hate these new neighbors. I feel like maybe I should have titled this posting “Neighbor Woes” since that’s what it really seems to be boiling down to. Stupid, stupid, stupid neighbors! Now, our lease is up at the end of September which means that if we decide to move we have two months to find a new (pet-friendly) place, secure the place with a lease and deposit(s), pack our current apartment and move. The finding and packing isn’t really a problem but coming up with the deposits is kind of a nuisance especially when up until yesterday we had expected that we would be renewing our lease for at least another year.

Oh…woe is me and this apartment life! Now, like I said, I enjoy apartment living and I do not want (or need) the responsibilities of homeownership or even home rental. I want an apartment, I want this apartment, I just want my stupid neighbors to stop being so stupid!


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