Visiting Ratios and Family Math

I’m going to see my family next weekend. Can you say it with me? Yayyyyyy!

I miss them. I miss them very much. It’s hard sometimes to be away from them. I lived in the same town, in practically the same house, since 1986. When I moved out of my parents house and in to my own place I still only lived about 10 minutes away and I saw my mom at least three a week, usually once for a shopping trip, once for lunch, and once just to visit. I would see my extended family about once a week just to visit and eat lunch and go to the pool. Now, it’s been 36 weeks since I moved from Florida to Alabama which means I’ve missed 108 visits with my mom and 36 visits with my family. Now, I would usually see my sister at least once a week on the family visit days plus she was my hair stylist so assuming that I kept up with having my hair done every six weeks that means I’ve missed 6 hair appointments and a total of 42 visits with my sister. My dad has been up north taking care of family so I wouldn’t have seen him frequently even if I was still in FL but he has been to FL to visit and I haven’t seen him because I’ve been in Alabama. If I had been in FL I would have seen my dad for approximately two weeks so I’ve missed 14 visits with my dad. So, to sum it up I’ve missed…

  • 108 visits with mom
  • 14 visits with dad
  • 42 visits with my sister
  • 36 visits with family
  • 6 hair appointments

For a grand total of 206 missed moments. That’s hard. Especially when you consider that it’s been 36 weeks! That’s hard too. Especially when you consider I would see them multiple times per week. Now, I know I’m married and my husband and I will have our own family but it’s still hard to deal with the separation. I miss them!!! Anyway, we are going to visit them next weekend and I’m super excited!!! Yayyy family!

We will only be spending 2.5 days there visiting with everyone because of our work/school schedule but still it’s better than none which is what I’ m getting right now. My seeing / missing ratio is still going to be out of sync and showing a high deficit, think 2.5 / 206 which is what? It is .012% that’s what and that’s bad. I told my mom if we change our clothes and hair every morning, afternoon and night and take tons of pictures each time then I might be able to trick my mind in to thinking I had three times as much time with them during the visit which would put my seeing / missing ratio at 7.5 / 206 which is .036%. Now I know that .036% isn’t good but it’s better than .012%. Three times as better in fact.

I can’t wait!!! 10 days. That’s all. 10 more days.


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