Where’s my Dunce Cap?

According to an article in “The Voice” (not the stupid singing reality show, go check out www.presentationvoice.com)…

“…Where is India? A poll conducted by the National Geographic showed that 47 percent of Americans ages 18 to 34 could not identify India on a world map. The study revealed a shocking lack of geographical knowledge among Americans. Six in ten individuals in the same age range failed to identify Iraq on a map, while around one half could not find Mississippi on a map of their own country.  Studies have repeatedly shown Europeans easily pointing out states in the U.S., while the youth in America simply cannot seem to find Texas. Americans today have become geographically uneducated, causing a lack of global perspective in the younger generations.”

I read that and I think to myself, “Wow. That really sucks for America’s youth but I understand how it happened. Schools are focusing more and more on math and science because of “No Child Left Behind” and things like Geography and History fall to the wayside. I remember when I was in school (gosh…typing that makes me feel old) I had to memorize my United States in alphabetical order (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado…) and my United States Capitals in alphabetical order (Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, Austin, Baton Rouge…). I had to be able to identify the states and capitals on a map, I had to be able to identify all of the South American countries and capitals, African countries and capitals, all of Europe, Asia, Australia, the oceans, the seas, etc…etc…etc…oh my gosh…geography was a pain in the behind but I learned it.

Anyway, my point is that I considered myself to be pretty geographically savvy. At least, I did before I had this last conversation with my husband about where we should move after our college graduations. I’ll have my degree in Business Management and Finance and my husband will have his degree in Criminal Justice and Computer Forensics. This small Alabama town is not where either of us want to spend the rest of our lives especially considering that we are both used to a place like Tampa, FL. We both miss the city and the sports. OMG do we miss the sports! He misses football and I miss baseball and I miss baseball really, really, really, really bad!!! He misses basketball too but since basketball was always in Orlando anyway it’s not exactly the same. Regardless, we need a city so the question falls to…what city???

Some cities are automatic NO’s. Cities like New York, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta and any place in California. We have considered Birmingham, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Minneapolis and possibly returning to northern Florida. Last night however I was watching baseball on tv when I said,

  • “You know, other than my Rays, a team I think I could really get behind and support would be the Royals. Those poor underdogs, they need a good die-hard fan like me.”
  • Then he replies, “You know, the Chiefs aren’t a terrible team either. I think I could enjoy watching them play.”
  • “Maybe we should think about Kansas City. We haven’t considered Kansas City but we could, why not? What’s wrong with Kansas City?”
  • “True. You know, Tech N9Ne is from Kansas City.”
  • “Who is Tech N9Ne? You know, I think I could like Kansas City, it’s pretty there, isn’t it? We should plan a road trip to check it out.

He searches his iTunes for Tech N9Ne so I can check him out (we have very different musical tastes) and finally ends up playing Tech N9Ne “I’m a Playa” while I Google Kansas City. It was kind of a beautiful moment listening to a crazy rapper bust out “I’m a Playa” to the tune of “Rock Me Amadeus” looking at a skyline of Kansas City.

Then it happened. The OMG…I’m so stupid! moment happened. I said , “The Royals and the Chiefs do play in Kansas City Missouri, right? Not Kansas City, Kansas, right? I Googled.

Do you know what I found? It’s the same damn city! You see, Kansas City is on the border of Missouri and Kansas so if you live on the east side of Kansas City you would live in Missouri and if you live on the west side of Kansas City you would live in Kansas. HTF (How the…) did I not know that?!?!?! Do you have any idea how stupid I feel? Thankfully my husband just sort of looked at me rather bewildered while I went through my little spell then said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about Kansas City for a few weeks. We should visit.”

I think we will. I think we will plan a little visit to Kansas City and consider our relocation options. I still stand by my opinion though that I don’t want to live in Kansas so Kansas City, Missouri I might be coming!


2 thoughts on “Where’s my Dunce Cap?

    • Sadly, I actually overheard an argument between two 20-somethings yesterday over which came first, the American Revolution or the Civil War.

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