Well I was working on a blog posting about setting our wedding guest list and deciding on invitations and other happy stuff but I got side-tracked by the incredibly obnoxious string of customers I just had at work who left me completely dumbfounded and saying, “What is going on here?!?!???”

For instance…the lady that was just at my window. Her transaction went like this…

  • Her – “I don’t have my bill with me. I need to pay it.”
  • Me – “Ok. May I have your address please?” Now, this should be an easy question right. I mean, that is one of the very first things we teach children. In case you get lost, know your address.
  • Her – “It’s 3027 … no, ummm … 2307 (street name).”

I type it in. Nothing.

  • Me – “Ma’am, that address is not found. Are you sure that is the correct house number?”
  • Her – “Oh.” She gives me a confused look. “Ummm…it might be 741 (street name.”

What??? It MIGHT be 741? MIGHT be? You don’t know KNOW it is 741??? Not to mention, how do you get from 3027 to 741? That’s not even close to being correct. Then I calm myself down and think, “Maybe she just moved. I know when I first moved it took a little bit to get used to the new address. It’s like buying a new car and trying to remember what side the gas cap is on.

  • Me – “I’m sorry ma’am but 741 is not correct either. Did you just move? Do you have any paperwork with you that might show the correct address?”
  • Her – “No. I have lived there for years. Are you sure it’s not 741?”
  • Me – “Yes ma’am I am. 741 (street name) is not a valid street address in the city.”
  • Her – “Oh. Are you sure?”

Now I’m frustrated and I’m trying not to show it but it’s a Monday morning, we are busy, and this loon doesn’t know her address!

  • Me – “Ma’am, if you’ve lived there for years is that the address listed on your driver’s license or state ID card?” (I didn’t want to assume she had a driver’s license. It was my hope that a lady that didn’t know where she lived wouldn’t be considered qualified to drive a car.
  • Her – “Oh. Maybe.”

Maybe? Oh holy frustration!!! She handed it to me and it read 637 (street name).

  • Me – “Is this the address you would like to make a payment on?” 637 (street name)?”
  • Her – “Where?”  I repeat the address. “Oh, yes. That is where I live. Can I pay that?”
  • Me – “Yes ma’am. It’s $134.67”

She hands me $160 all in $20 bills. $160 in 20’s to pay $134.67?

  • Me – “Ma’am, are you trying to put a credit on your account for next month? You gave me $160.”
  • Her – “NO!” Yes, she actually yelled at me. “I’m just paying what I owe. Just take it out of what I gave you. This isn’t hard!”

I swear, I wanted to slap her.

  • Me – “Ma’am, you gave me far too much.” I handed her back one of her $20 bills. “You can pay $134.67 out of just $140.00”

Yes, that was a bit snarky but I was super annoyed. She looked confused and stared at the $20 bill in her hand with a look of total bewilderment as if she didn’t know where it came from, as if it was magic or something. I applied her payment, checked her balance, gave her the receipt and sent her on her way.

I wish I could say that was odd or a unique circumstance but it’s not. It’s pretty typical to be honest with you and that’s sad. My favorite annoyance goes like this…

  • Customer – “I want to pay my bill but don’t have my bill with me.”
  • Me – “Ok. That’s no problem. May I have your address?”
  • Customer – “It’s 304 (street name)”

Then a long awkward pause while I wait for them to finish. They don’t. They are done speaking apparently and waiting for me to locate the address and forcing me in to the uncomfortable position of then asking,

  • Me – “May I have your apartment number, please?”

Then they look at me bewildered as if they don’t understand why I would possibly need their apartment number to locate their account. They finally give it to me and somehow seem annoyed. Why would they be annoyed at giving me their apartment number? They give it to the store when they are wanting something shipped to their house, right? They give it to the pizza place when they want dinner delivered, right? So why not give it to the person who is trying to locate a service account you have? It makes no sense. My only hope is that they are not annoyed so much with me as they are at their own stupidity for not remembering to give it to me the first time around.

Perplexing for sure. There is just so much I do not understand about the general public.


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