Cupcakes and Mice

I am not sure what was going on at work yesterday, I’m thinking we were all especially hungry, but we were talking food all day long. Sharing recipes and planning 4th of July picnics and parties and the next thing I knew we were all making photocopies of recipes we found in magazines that were lying around and I had new recipes for pulled pork and baked bean sandwiches (yes, the beans are ON the sandwich) and firework cookies and watermelon & coconut parfaits so yes, it was a good foodie day at work yesterday.

Imagine my surprise today when I come in to work and I find that one of the ladies brought in a big book of Fun Cupcakes! Oh my! Now I want to go home and bake dozens and dozens and dozens of cupcakes. The problem however is that if I bake the cupcakes I will eat the cupcakes and then I will get fat. I need children and those children need to have friends and birthday parties. One day…

Until then I just have an imagination full of cupcakes galore! Some of these are incredibly super cute and then I read the recipe and I’m shocked and amazed at how incredibly easy they all are! Then I tried to furiously kick myself in the behind for not being creative enough to come up with these ideas on my own. Hey…let’s break a twisty pretzel in two and use it for antlers, then add a redhot candy for a nose and make Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer chocolate cupcakes! Would I have thought that up? No. Would I make them after seeing them on a website and feeling stupid because I couldn’t come up with such a simple and easy recipe? Yes. Did you look at those snowman cupcakes? Cute!

Ok, so the point of my rambling is that as I was looking through the cupcake book I saw snowmen and reindeer cupcakes. Snowmen and reindeer cupcakes made me think of Christmas. Christmas made me think of my family. Thinking of my family made me think of my Mom. Thinking of my Mom at Christmas made me think of her Christmas Mice. These Christmas Mice…

Which are incredible by the way. So I typed up the recipe for these delicious Christmas Mice for you all and it is now a page under my “Recipes” category so if you feel like, go ahead and take a peek and then print it out (or copy it down) and save it for your own Christmas parties this year. Christmas is only 6 months away you know. I promise you these will be the hit of the party and everyone will think you spent way more time on them than you did and you will feel awesome.


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