Car Shopping

I’m convinced that there is absolutely nothing in the world more obnoxious and more terrifying than shopping for a car.

That is the situation I have found myself in lately though, trying to find a new car. I hate all of the questions that come with car shopping. Questions like…

1) What kind of car? Or a truck? Or a SUV? I like cars, cars are smaller and more compact and easier to drive and park. They don’t have much storage though, do I need a truck? Wait…do I want to be the kind of woman that drives a truck? Do I really want to be a woman living in Alabama driving a truck? Isn’t that a bit stereotypical redneck? Even if I live in Alabama I’m still a FL girl and a truck is just NOT me. What am I going to be hauling that needs a truck anyway? Plus, couldn’t I just rent a truck if I need to haul something? What about an SUV? I like SUV’s. They take so much gas though! Can I afford that car payment and gasoline? Probably not. Gas is expensive. Plus, SUV’s are big and I don’t like big vehicles. I’m short, I’m 5’2″ and big cars overwhelm me. I feel like a little kid playing make-believe.

2) How long will I be driving this car? I’m the kind of person that tends to drive a car until the wheels fall off or the engine quits running, whichever comes first. 100,000 miles or 200,000 miles it doesn’t matter to me. If it starts, I’ll keep driving it. I drove my Nissan Sentra until the engine died. I’m convinced though that it was a piece of shit from the beginning because I only got 5 years out of it, that pissed me off plus it cost more to repair than I could get from it if I sold it so I sold it and let someone else worry about repairing it. I want to able to drive my new vehicle for at least 7-10 years. My husband and I already have a puppy and we want babies soon so maybe a sedan isn’t the way to go, maybe we do need something larger. I don’t want an SUV though. What do I want???

3) New or Pre-Owned? Pre-Owned. No doubt. A car loses way too much value when you first drive it off the lot to ever pay full price for it. It’s a waste of money. I made that mistake once, I’ll never do it again.

and so on…and so on…and so on…

I eventually contacted a local Honda dealership here and they have a 2008 PT Cruiser for a very reasonable price. The mileage isn’t excessive, the price is reasonable, the payments are affordable and it’s a decent size, oh…and it’s silver. I like silver. It’s not so small that we can’t fit anything in it but it’s not so large that I feel uncomfortable driving it. I applied for financing online and I was approved so now on Thursday we are going down to the dealership to test drive it and see what we think in person. Cross your fingers for me, I need a car.


2 thoughts on “Car Shopping

    • I picked up the PT Cruiser yesterday and let me just say, I love that car! It’s so fun to drive and so comfortable. I really love it. It could be my favorite car yet.

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