Wedding Ceremony

My husband and I have finally booked our wedding ceremony venue and reserved our date! Yayyyy!

Now, I know that probably sounds odd. Most women book a wedding ceremony venue and date before they have a husband but not me, we did ours a little different.

We were married on May 12, 2011 in a private civil ceremony here in Alabama. We had our reasons and it was definitely the best decision for us. It has worked out well. We knew all along though that we wanted a ceremony with our family and friends and we knew we wanted a celebration of our love and marriage but due to circumstances we knew it was going to have to be delayed. Well, it is delayed no longer! We are having our wedding ceremony on December 3, 2011 and it is going to be here…

Isn’t that beautiful?! It was so hard to find a venue we both loved. He wanted to be by the water (he’s a water dog / beach lover) but I didn’t want to be on or by the beach. I wanted to be in a garden and I wanted to be able to wear heels. You can’t wear heels in the sand on the beach, it’s hard to walk, you know? I searched and searched and searched and finally I found this place. It’s in Palmetto, FL which is the perfect FL location for us, it’s on the Gulf water and there’s a pier that has a Marina restaurant at the end of it and sailboats which makes it feel beach-y, and it’s at a Bed & Breakfast which has a garden yard (it’s behind the chairs) and a sidewalk I can walk down in heels. It’s perfect!!!

I can’t wait to marry my husband again. I’m struggling a little bit now with the wording on our invitations. All of the wording options say things like “Mr & Mrs (my Maiden name) invite you to attend the marriage of their daughter…” or “Mr & Mrs (my Maiden name) invite you to attend the union of their daughter…” but we are already married. By the time Dec 3, 2011 is here we will have been married for nearly 7 months. I’m thinking the wording should read something like “Mr & Mrs (my Maiden name) invite you to attend the celebration of the marriage between their daughter (me) and (my husband’s name)…” but is that too wordy? Ugh. I don’t know. Suggestions anyone?

So I’m excited! I’m excited to be able to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends. December 3, 2011 just can’t get here fast enough. ♥


One thought on “Wedding Ceremony

  1. Wow, that is a beautiful place! I would be excited too, lol.

    How about “…invite you to celebrate the ceremony of marriage between…” It’s along the same lines as what you have up there. Either way you go, I don’t think it’s too wordy. Good luck!

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