Digital Toy Box

Anyone who happened to have looked at my blog yesterday would have noticed the following:

1) I found a new playground online! It’s called Polyvore.

2) I’m not very good when it comes to being creative and making artsy “sets” because I’m not all about adding backgrounds or paying for templates.

Now, the things that you probably wouldn’t have noticed and probably didn’t already know but that I’m going to share with you now so prepare to be enlightened!

1) I’ve been on Polyvore before. I buy a lot of accessories online at (feel VERY special here because I don’t usually divulge my accessory shopping secret but since I’m fairly certain that I don’t see any of you on a regular basis and you aren’t going to “steal” my favorite pieces and wear them yourself I feel ok sharing that piece of information with you). I also “like” ModCloth and their stylists on Facebook and they regularly link to their Polyvore account where they show off and accessorize the clothes they sell on their website.

2) I never liked Polyvore when I was on there before. I found it boring, obnoxious, and difficult to navigate.

3) I was wrong on all three perceptions stated in #2. The site is fascinating, exciting and very easy to use. Apparently when I was on Polyvore previously I was either a) in a bad mood, b) in a hurry, c) just plain oscar-the-grouchy or d) all of the above. The site is fantastic!

4) I’m not very good at creating artsy “sets” but I also believe that those “sets” aren’t really about the background or the pictures. It’s about the clothes and the accessories and the fashion, right? Who cares about a picture of a barn? or a tractor? or the NYC skyline? I’m not going to be wearing a barn, or a tractor, or a skyline. I’m also not going to be wearing my clothes near a barn, or a tractor, or a skyline. I also can’t imagine ever thinking to myself, “I love this outfit! It’s sooooo cute! I just wish I could tell how it would look if I happened to be standing in front of a barn because, you never know, today might be the day I take a picture in front of a barn and I do want to look my best. It HAS happened before after all (see below) and I’m not sure that outfit was the best ‘take-a-picture-in-front-of-a-barn outfit’ I could have worn.”

5) I don’t think I have a style I can call my “signature style” and that sucks. From what I’ve read everyone should have a “signature style” and I don’t have one. I like vintage pieces but I don’t want to look “vintage” or “retro” and I like classic pieces but I’m not “Audrey-Hepburn-Classic” and I like quirky pieces but I don’t have a “quirky” style so I’m not really sure what I am. I guess I’m just…me. Then there is that part of me that just says, “You’re you. Be you. Wear whatever the hell you like and your style will evolve” but I don’t want to wake up one day and realize I’m “style-LESS” because that would not make me happy and I like being happy (hence the name of my blog…My HAPPY Dance.”

6) I saw a commercial on TV last night where these people were all talking about this product which apparently made them really happy and one guy said, “It makes me want to do my happy dance!” and then he danced this really atrocious dance. It was awful and all I could think was, “You’re doing it wrong!!!” and I wanted to make a “You’re doing it wrong” de-motivational poster but since I can’t remember the commercial, I can’t find the screenshot, and I can’t make the poster. Next time I’ll pay closer attention.


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