Ribbons and Bows

It’s springtime!!! It’s actually been springtime but we had tornadoes here in North Alabama so it wasn’t feeling too happy or springy and then we had another cold streak so it still wasn’t feeling happy or springy but this week it’s been in the upper 80’s so it feels like spring again! Yay!!!

When I think of springtime I think of a few things but mostly warm weather and sunshine which makes me think of dresses and sandals and updo’s which makes me think of a new wardrobe, shoes and hair accessories. So what did I do tonight? Oh, I hit up a little bit of online shopping. I’ve mentioned that I love to online shop haven’t I? I even found a new reason to online shop, it’s called Upromise. Have you heard of it? It’s basically a company you register with online and you register your debit or credit card and when you shop with any of their partners online their partner (BestBuy, Amazon, Asos, etc, etc, etc… there are tons of them!) they will donate 3% or 8% or 12% of your total purchase back to you for college funding. You can give the percentage you get back to a college fund for a child, for a family member of friend or for yourself. You can request that they send you checks for the amount you have earned or they will apply it directly to any student loans you have taken out. I have taken out student loans so now I can justify my online shopping by saying, “Hey! I’m not shopping! I’m paying off my student loans!” Justifiable? I think so. Back to my point tho…I took to the web tonight to do a little springtime shopping. I went to Asos and had the urge to shop purses and handbags. Boy was that a great decision! Look at this gorgeous bag!

It’s adorable! Admit it. It’s sparkly and neutral and it has a big bow on the front. It’s $73.86 (yes…86 cents…I don’t understand their pricing) and I must have it! My birthday is tomorrow, I may need to find a way to splurge on this.

Plus since I refuse to cut my long hair and it’s getting hot outside I had updos on the brain. When I pin my hair up I like to add a little flair or decoration to it and what is better than headbands? They are cute and they keep my hair from falling in my eyes. Behold…

I think my birthday wish this year would be for a shopping spree and I could spend it all on Asos. I’m accepting donations and just remember, you’re not fueling my shopping habit, you’re helping me pay off my student loans. 😉


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