More hair…

Yes, this is how I’ve spent today. I’ve been lazy (very lazy in fact) and I’ve scoured YouTube for braids and other hair tutorials. I found this one “waterfall braid” tutorial and I’ve fallen in love. I want to try this one very, very, very badly. In fact, I’ll probably try it this week sometime or at the very least this weekend. It’s beautiful! It looks like a gorgeous way to wear my hair down and yet still keep it out of my face.

I want to wear it to work but since I’ve ever done it before I don’t think 6am is a good time to try it for the first time. I’ll probably end up trying to do it every night this week so that by Thursday or Friday morning I’ll feel comfortable enough to try it for a work look. It is cute isn’t it? A “waterfall braid” it even sounds beautiful. 🙂


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