Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are everywhere right now! I see them on the red carpet, I see them on television, I see them in music videos, I see them on the runway, I see them in magazines but you know where I haven’t seen them? On my own head! My hair usually looks like this…

Yes, my hair is very straight and pretty longish (that picture was taken over a year ago). It’s easy to just leave it long and straight but long and straight gets boring. I need new looks but my hair is also very fine so when I try to make it do new things I find that I have to force my hair to do it. I can almost feel the resistance, like it’s yelling at me, “Nooooo! I don’t want to! I don’t want to look like that! No! No! No! No!” and then I”m arguing back, “Oh come ON! Take a risk. Try something different. You never know…you might like a new look!” Then so it goes until I finally get the look I want but I’m exhausted from having to fight with it.

Although I’ll admit that when I wear hats (which is A LOT!) my hair usually looks like this…

Yes, I love a side ponytail when I’m wearing a hat. If I wear my hair straight and long and loose under my hat I feel like I look like Wayne (Mike Myers) from the Wayne’s World movies. You know…”Party On, Garth!” Anyway, and if I wear my hair in a ponytail down my back then from the front I look like I have no hair (or at least really short hair) and I don’t like that either so side ponytails save my day! Sometimes I curl the ends but I don’t have any pictures of that. I really should take more pictures.

There have been the occasional days when I’ve curled my hair and I don’t really have any good pictures of me with my hair like that except for this one but keep in mind I’m at a baby shower so excuse all the clothespins attached to my shirt. Lol. Oh, and yes, my hair does have blue (they kind of turned out teal) highlights during this time. It was the MLB playoffs and I dyed my hair to support my Rays!

I’ve actually curled my hair more than ever since I’ve moved to Alabama. The decrease in humidity from Florida to Alabama has actually made my hair far more manageable than before which is a perk I really, really, really love! I am determined now though to master the Fishtail Braid. Like I said up above, it’s EVERYWHERE! Or it at least seems that way although I haven’t seen it very much here in Alabama but then again, there are a lot of trends that I don’t see here in Alabama but just because my neighbors aren’t doing it doesn’t mean I’m not going to, the fishtail braid is beautiful and so perfect for summer! Besides, I think my hair would look fabulous like this…

I could just never get the look to work which is super frustrating. I took to YouTube this morning though and I found a tutorial that makes it seem so simple and super easy so I’m going to be trying it this afternoon. Wish me luck! Oh…and here’s the tutorial I found.


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