Noo! Don’t Delay Me!

Today my college opened up the Fall class calendar for review so we can set our schedules. Enrollment begins on Tuesday, May 24th for current students. I was psyched because I only need two classes in order to graduate on time in December, I need Accounting II and Personal Finance.

I went online this morning, early, to look at the Fall calendar and set my schedule. I knew I had to take two classes to graduate but I was also going to take Economics II since it is recommended for my transfer program when I transfer here to Alabama and I was also going to re-take Human Growth and Development just so I could get a better grade and raise my GPA. So four classes, a heavy load but not too bad. I checked the schedule …

Accounting II –

Economics II –

Human Growth and Development –

Personal Finance – Wait…where is Personal Finance???

Oh no!!! Personal Finance isn’t being offered this Fall. I almost cried :,(  almost. I thought, it’s ok. It’s early in the summer session and they do have half semesters during the summer at an accelerated rate so maybe, just maybe, they are offering Personal Finance during the second half of this semester. I checked. No luck. Damn it! I almost cried :,( again, but I didnt.

I e-mailed Susan, my academic advisor, and plead my case. I told her how I’m able to graduate in December if I can complete Personal Finance 2100 but it’s not being offered. I asked if there is a class that is being offered that could possibly substitute for Personal Finance? I asked if there is any possible way to apply life or work experience (I work in Finance) toward the class? I asked if there is any way to possibly test out of the class? I asked if there was any option, any option whatsoever, that would allow me to still graduate in December. I practically begged. I received an automated reply that said she is out of the office until next Wednesday (registration is on Tuesday). I forwarded the e-mail, along with a little note, to Sandi, the academic advising manager. I received a reply that said she had forwarded my e-mail and inquiry to the Academic Dean.

Now, I wait. I am waiting and hoping that the Academic Dean has a heart, and the ability, to help me out. If not, I will find myself one class short of graduation in December and then hoping that they offer Personal Finance in the Spring of 2012.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, “Ashley, what is Personal Finance?” I looked it up for you. The course is described as: “A course designed to acquaint the student with personal and family financial planning. Topics to be covered include the objectives of personal financial planning, setting up and maintaining records, budgeting, developing and managing income, consumer expenditures, safeguarding resources, investing for retirement, income tax considerations, and estate planning.” Since I am 29 years old (in 5 days), married, with a household budget, checking and savings accounts, a retirement plan and 401K,  hopefully they will find a way to help me with this course. I want to graduate!

**Update – A few hours later** – Well, I have not yet heard back from the Academic Dean but I did learn that if I change my degree seeking status from an AS to an AA (which only helps since I’m planning to transfer to a University to get my BA) I am still only two courses short of graduation  but they are General Education science courses and I can choose from any two of a huge list which are all offered next semester so I will graduate on time. It’s not my original plan but at least it’s an option.


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