Blank Slate

My husband and I have been talking about redecorating the apartment. Before I moved in with him he was a bachelor with no roommates so the place was obviously a man’s den. The apartment was full of things that definitely represented him and everything that he loves.

When I moved in (in October 2010) he said, “You can decorate however you want.” I heard the words but then in my head I also heard, “Tread lightly” because I didn’t want to just take over and change everything so I started small. We redecorated the kitchen and dining room, painted the bathroom and moved a tall bookcase that looked out of place in the living room back to the bedroom. I stopped there. I didn’t want to do too much.

Now it’s May 2011 and we are married. Last weekend he told me again, “You know, you can decorate however you want” and we started talking about taking this down off the wall and moving that in to the other room and sanding and staining that other thing and the next thing I knew we had all sorts of things changed and moved but it was all in our heads and I ended it by saying, “We’ll get to it,” but not really knowing when it would happen. Yesterday I got home from work and after he hugged me hello he took my hand and said, “Let me show you what I did” and he led me in the living room where he had taken down the large Tampa Bay Buccaneers banner that had been over our couch and now there was a big white wall staring at me. Then he led me in to the bedroom where he had taken down all of the sports memorabilia and other collectibles and pictures and now 2/3 of the walls are blank. He had also moved my jewelry armoire to the place I wanted it and hung up my new mirror. I was stunned. He said as he was taking things down he realized that it’s time to put some of those things away and he wants our place to look like “us” not like “him” and he wants me to do whatever I want and make our place look like a married couple lives there. 😀

So now the question is, how do I do that? I like 1920’s and 1930’s classic style and romance and he like classic style and city lights. Our kitchen is already lovely and our dining room table is beautiful (although I wouldn’t mind new chairs). It’s large and a dark walnut with pretty linens I recently bought although I would like to buy a dressmaker’s dummy for me to hang my aprons on. It’s really the living and bedroom areas that need decor. I was shopping around on (one of my favorite decor) websites and I found some gorgeous pictures of cities (like Chicago, San Francisco, New York) from the 1920’s – 1940’s. I think I might buy three of them and hang them on the wall behind our couch. I’m also going to sand down and either paint or stain some of the wood furniture we have so it’s all fresh and matching. I’ve also heard really great things about so I’ll probably go on there too and shop around to see what I can find.

It’s a pretty great feeling to have carte blanche to decorate however I want even though I completely respect that he does have his own preferences and I intend to do my best to blend our styles. I’m excited about my new decorating adventures. Online I’ll probably shop and like I have been, in town I’m sure I’ll hit up Pier One and Hobby Lobby.

Does anyone know of any other good home accessory or decor websites?


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