I’ve had two big decisions to make lately.

1.) What kind of ring do I want for my wedding ring?

2.) What school am I going to transfer to now that I live in Alabama?

Surprisingly (or maybe it’s not, I don’t know) but picking out my ring was the harder of the two decisions. I suppose that is probably because I have endless options when it comes to my ring. I can browse website after website after website and shop store after store after store until I find exactly the perfect ring! It’s been hard. I picked rings I liked and saved the links on my computer but when I would go back a week or two later and look at them again I found my love for them had died out a little bit. Only two things remained constant during my search, I knew I wanted a white gold ring and I knew I wanted a round diamond but other than that I was at a loss. The ring search has been going on for months but we refused to buy one just for the sake of me having a ring, we wanted to buy the right ring, the perfect ring, the “this is the ring I will wear every day for the rest of my life” ring. I didn’t want to buy one that was trendy or that was the “in” style, I wanted something classic and timeless and beautiful and I finally found it! I actually found this ring about a month ago but we didn’t want to buy it until I was certain that it was the right ring, but now, after looking at it over and over and over again I’m certain, absolutely, 100% certain, that this is my ring.

The decision about school wasn’t quite as hard because my choices aren’t as plentiful. There is one community college which doesn’t offer Bachelor’s degree programs so it’s definitely out. There is a small State college which has a not so great reputation, is over an hour drive and doesn’t offer a very broad online course selection for my major so it’s definitely out. That leaves me two colleges to choose from. I am majoring in Business Management and Administration but I want a career in Human Resources; the two colleges I am looking at offer me the following options:

School #1 – I am able to earn a Bachelor’s degree specifically in Human Resource Management, which is rare. The school is approximately 35 minutes away and while they do offer quite a few online classes I will still have to drive to the campus for some of them. They also require that all of my general education requirements be met before I transfer to their college since they offer only the specialized courses required for the BA. This means that I would have to continue to take courses online through my FL college until I completed all the necessary pre-requisites. Did I mention my employer will pay 100% of my tuition costs, up front, for me to go to an in-state college as long as I pass my classes with a “C” or better? I should have mentioned that. School #1 doesn’t seem so bad at first because I find myself thinking, “It’s ok, I can finish those pre-requisites and then transfer” but when I start thinking about how that would really be like throwing away money since I would be paying out of pocket when my employer would pay for it if I was in-state, it seems like a foolish decision.

School #2 – This school doesn’t offer a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management like School #1 but they do offer a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration with a minor in Human Resource Management and a certification program for Human Resources. So sure, it’s not the same thing, but perhaps it’s better? Having a degree in Business Management and Administration is general and opens up the possibility for me to pursue a career in any form of Business Management and Human Resources then becomes a speciality instead of the focus. I kind of like that, I don’t feel quite so pigeon-holed. I feel then that if I later decide Human Resources was not quite the correct avenue for me (even though I am certain now that it is) I still have a general Business Management degree to use to find work. School #2 will also allow me to transfer with my credits as-is so I don’t have to complete any additional courses (beyond this summer). It is a bit closer but only by about 5 minutes so that’s not really a deciding factor.

So which school wins? I’m thinking School #2, it just seems like the wisest decision, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Decisions

    • TY! I’ve spent months looking for the perfect ring so I was so excited when I found it. I can’t wait to get it and wear it but I probably won’t until after our ceremony which isn’t until September.

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