A Healthy Competition

When I got to work this morning I logged in to my online blackboard to check out the school week ahead. I wanted to see how many assignments, quizzes and projects I had due next Wednesday so I could plan out my week. It looks like my schedule is going to look like this:

Wednesday (5/18/11) – Work til 4:30pm, off all night.

Thursday (5/19/11) – Work til 4:30pm, read Chapter 3, complete two assignments.

Friday (5/20/11) – Work til 4:30pm, complete last assignment, take Chapter 3 quiz.

Saturday (5/21/11) – Read Chapter 4, complete two assignments, take the night off.

Sunday (5/22/11) – Take the whole day off, enjoy time with my husband.

Monday (5/23/11) – Work til 4:30pm, complete last assignment take Chapter 4 quiz.

Tuesday (5/24/11) – Work til 4:30pm, complete case study.

Wednesday (5/25/11) – Work til 4:3opm, take the night off.

Wow. What a week ahead, looks like I’m going to be a busy girl and it got me thinking. I’ve always been very organized and I’ve always had my schedule planned and my menus planned but I’ve never been so focused on school that I’ve planned out what day I’m going to do how much and what nights I’m going to take off. It has always been more like:

Thursday (5/19/11) – Work til 4:30pm, Study.

Then I would study for about an hour, which really means I would have my book open on my lap and I would browse through it while I also had the tv on which was distracting me. I always got good grades but it’s because I lucked in to them, not because I was a good or committed student who worked hard for them. I found myself trying to figure out this new change in my demeanor. Why was  I suddenly so focused and determined? Then I realized…it’s because of my husband. You see, he’s in school full-time too and every semester he brings home his quizzes and tests and they are A’s. 90%, 95%, 100%, 100%, 95%, 100%, etc. He brings home an 89% and he’s irritated and worried about his grades. Every semester he gets his final grades and I see a whole list of “A”‘s. Obviously I’m very proud of him but there’s a part of me that also feels like, “Hey…I can do that too! I can get “A”‘s!” I’ve taken two quizzes and I earned a 95% on my first quiz (Yay me!) but a 90% on my second quiz.

I know it’s because of my husband. I know my focus and my determination to succeed is because of him. I know we have a very bright and happy future ahead of us and it is especially so if we both stay focused on school and finish our education and pursue the careers we both want. I’m not even sure he feels the competitive spirit I do but it’s ok if he doesn’t. It’s a healthy competition.


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