Busy Bee

Yep, that’s me, a busy, busy, busy bee!

My Small Business Management and Administration class was supposed to start on Wednesday, May 11th but Tuesday, May 10th at about 10pm I received an e-mail from my Professor that said our online blackboard wasn’t going to be available on the 11th and he was hoping to have it available by Friday, May 13th. “No big deal,” I thought, “It’s only our first week. How busy are we going to be?” I knew some assignments would probably be due by Sunday, Sunday is usually the due date for the online classes at my college, but the first week of school it is usually just one of those “introduce yourself to your classmates on the discussion board” so I wasn’t stressing. Wednesday night passed without any studying or homework, Thursday night was my wedding night (no homework or studying was going to get done that night anyway), but Friday night I was ready and prepare to get started! I logged online and opened up my class blackboard and I saw…


It still wasn’t online. Then I started to get annoyed because I was going to have to stress over checking my online blackboard all weekend to see if it was up and what assignments I had due. It finally came online on SUNDAY night! By this point I had assumed (and assumed correctly) that no assignments were going to be due that night, everything was due on Wednesday.

“Hey Ashley, what is due on Wednesday?”

Oh, dear reader, I’m SO glad you asked!

I have questions, key words and a case study due for Chapter One as well as a Chapter One quiz. I have questions, key words, and a case study due for Chapter Two as well as a Chapter Two quiz. Yes, six assignments and two quizzes due in three days. Ahhhhhhh! I got started Sunday night and finished two assignments. I buckled down Monday night and finished two assignments and one quiz. I intend to complete my second quiz tonight (oh, did I mention that our attendance is tracked by quizzes? Miss a quiz, miss the week, and your grade suffers due the missed assignment and from poor attendance) and then I’ll finish the two little assignments either tonight or tomorrow. Saying that I might finish them tomorrow is not me being lazy and pushing my work off in the form of proscratination, it’s wondering whether or not my Professor is going to have them available to complete. The instructions to say to post the answers on the discussion board but the discussion board is the one portion of my online blackboard that is not yet online. I can’t do what’s not there.

So school is back in session and I’m glad I ended up taking only the one class this summer because it seems like this one class is going to be a bitch. Yes, I am now a newlywed, working full-time, going to school part-time and helping my Dad build a website and start his own business. I’m busy for sure, a busy, busy, busy little bee. 🙂


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