Aww! Mushy Love Stuff

I just read in the news where an elderly couple got married on his 100th birthday after being together for 30 years. He is 100 and she is 90. How sweet is that?!

The story goes that they met on a blind date at a senior center dance and became an exclusive couple almost immediately. 🙂 She (Rose) was married before and had a good marriage before losing her husband to illness and didn’t want to marry again. When he (Forrest) proposed, she said she would marry him on his 100th birthday so, 30 years later, they were married! Look at them, don’t they look happy?

I love him all dressed up in his suit and her with her sweet bouquet and that smile! Awww…melt my heart why don’t you? I had myself all convinced that eloping was the way for us to go and we even had a date set at the end of this month but now after reading their story and seeing those pictures of them so cute and super happy and all in love makes me realize I do want a wedding. I want a wedding mostly for the pictures. I hope that’s a good reason.

I want us to be 90 and 98 and be able to look at pictures of us looking as happy at our wedding as Rose and Forrest look at theirs when they are 90 and 100. I still insist on small and relaxed but I think I may have found a planner that can pull the whole thing off within our budget. Thanks Rose and Forrest! You have inspired me to create my own wedding memories. 🙂


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