Summer School

I just realized my summer class starts on May 11th. Yes, that is 11 days from now! I saw that on the school website and instant panic set in. I thought tuition was due by May 11th and I thought classes started on May 20th but as it turns out tuition is due by May 5th so I have 4 days to come up with that money, classes start on May 11th and nothing happens on May 20th. I don’t know why I had May 20th in my head. Right now I sort of feel like this…

Then I told myself to calm down because tuition can be paid and when I checked the school’s online bookstore I found that there is a digital version of the book which is $80 cheaper than the hard copy of the book. I am allowed to access the digital book from three computers (I’m thinking my laptop, my work computer, and then I’ll leave the third computer open as an emergency access option), I can make digital notes and bookmarks on the book, I can highlight areas of the book and since it’s an online course and I’ll only be accessing the class online, doesn’t an online book make sense? I can try the digital version for free for 7 days before I commit to buying it and once I buy it it’s available to me immediately so the panicky feeling I was feeling is calming down.

Plus, it’s only one class. Is one class really worth panicking about? Probably not. It’s “Small Business Management” and I’ve always worked in business and management so why would I panic about something that is completely in my comfort zone? There’s no reason for it I tell ya, no reason for it at all. It’s just me being all nonsensical and getting myself all worked up over nothing. So I have tuition due in 4 days (which I can cover), a book I need to buy which I can buy online and get instant access and it’s a class full of coursework I should already be familiar with, therefore, no reason to panic, right? Right. Just a bit surprised I suppose.

It appears now that I have 10 days of rest, relaxation and luxury ahead of me (if you can really call working full-time for the city cause for rest, relaxation and luxury) before I go back to working full-time and going to school part-time but it’s all for the greater good. I will have my AA at the end of this Fall if all goes well and I found out that my new employer will pay 100% of my tuition costs once I have worked there for one year. I have no intentions of ever leaving my job so I now plan to take full advantage of the opportunity to have my tuition 100% covered and I will be continuing to at least my BA if not my MBA. Oh well, looks like I”m going to be back to this soon…

but I don’t mind. I enjoy school and I enjoy my education. Nothing feels quite as good as getting smarter! 🙂


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