I always look so forward to the 1st of the month because…*drumroll please*…my ShoeDazzle showroom is ready!!! Yes, it’s true, knowing that there are gorgeous new shoes awaiting me in my online showroom just excites me to the core. As a matter of fact, it was the very first thing I did when I woke up this morning. I ran straight to my laptop and went online to ShoeDazzle to check out my new showroom of shoes. I was so annoyed because it felt like forever while my laptop turned on and loaded the webpages but finally I was there and I logged in and I clicked on showroom and………ba-da……..major disappointment! My showroom this month sucks. 😦

Here…take a look for yourself. These are some of the shoes they offered me.

Now I admit that the one show with that cute zipper up the front is not horrific but I also don’t really see myself wearing it very often. I feel like I would be settling for it and I don’t want that. Every single other time I’ve ordered shoes from ShoeDazzle I have absolutely adored them and I have waited anxiously on pins and needles waiting for the day they showed up at my doorstep. I didn’t feel that way on any of these shows this month. I looked through the five they originally offered me and the 15 “alternate selections’ but I felt nothing for most of them and a slight “Ehhh…maybe” on a few others, like this one…

It’s cute, right? I like the heel and I like the bow but I just don’t know about it. I”m not a huge fan of the peep-toe boot look, I find it odd. I think of peep-toes as warm summery shoes and I think of boots as cold weather shoes and it’s weird for me to combine the two, plus I’m only 5’1 so the whole boots with dress look doesn’t work for me because it makes my legs look even shorter than they are so I just have a hard time pulling this off. It’s cute though, I’m just not in love.

So I’m majorly disappointed even though I woke up super excited! I even checked (it’s my back-up to ShoeDazzle. I usually love ShoeDazzle but when they disappoint me JustFab usually lifts my spirits again) just in case they had something awesome this month but they didn’t. It was disappointing all around. I requested new selections from ShoeDazzle and I’m hoping they redeem themselves. Right now I”m just feeling let down.

***10 minute later*** – I might be talking myself in to those peep-toe boots. 🙂 The more I think about them, the more I believe I could make them work.

If you’re not a member of ShoeDazzle and you want to check it out click here… … you sign up and help me out. Now come on, be a friend. Plus, on your first order you get 50% off! Happy Shopping!

Oh…and ShoeDazzle…it’s just not shoes, you can get handbags or jewelry too.


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