Retail Me Not

For those of you that have never heard of it… is the online shopper’s very best friend! It’s a website where shoppers share the promo codes for online stores.

You want that free shipping deal for Get the code at

You want that 30% off $100 or more at Ann Taylor Loft? Get the code at

Basically…get the code for just about any store! It’s incredible! Some stores, like Victoria’s Secret, allow buyers to use up to three promo codes at check-out. Yeah…THREE! I shopped there and I used the code for $20 off any purchase of $100 or more, 10% off any purchase of $50 or more and the free shipping. Discounts galore!

Who said it’s more expensive to shop online? Obviously not people who use I’ve heard people say, “Yes, items may be able to be found cheaper online but it’s not cheaper once you pay for shipping.” True, but that is why you find the free shipping promo codes.

If you haven’t used it, go check it out. Register with them and share the promo codes you find too, shoppers helping shoppers, you know? Share the love (and the savings!)

Oh, and if you use Google Chrome, like I do, there is a RetailMeNot extension you can add to your browser so you can click it from any shopping website and it immediately looks for codes for you. I believe there is an extension for Safari too.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo – Lilee


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