Android Apps

I’m such an application addict. Every time I hear “There’s an app for that!” I think to myself, “Oh yes there is!” and then I go to my Android Market and look it up. Now, I don’t usually pay for apps (I have only paid for one, I’ll get to that in a moment) but I have found tons of free apps that I just love. I’ve only had it for about two months but now I find myself wondering how I ever survived without my Android phone before. Some of my favorite apps are:

GeoQpons – This application is pretty cool. You can search by brand offers or local offers and it will give you all the current promotions and sales. If it is carried at a store in your area it will also give you the location of the nearest store and a map to show you how to get there. You can also view the actual promotion flyer so if there is a online code you are able to shop online. You can also save brand and stores to your favorites for a quick search. Then there are other shopping tools like “shopping list” “wish list” “savings calculator” and a barcode scanner to check the price. I don’t really use the shopping tools, I have other apps for that. The savings calculator is kind of cool though. – I was already in love with the website and now I’m in love with the application! will sync with your online banking and calculate your total net worth using your checking/savings accounts, CD’s or other investments, credit card debt, mortgage or car loans, other debt, plus you can add other things you own (like collectibles, heirlooms, antiques, cars, etc). You can also set up a budget, for example: I want to spend no more than $200 a month on groceries, then it will track how much you have spent on groceries and if you are over/under budget. You can set a budget for as many categories as you want and it will track them all. You can also check your “trends” to find out where you are spending your money which helps identify “leaks” in your finances. I checked my trends on month and saw that I had spent $250 eating out. $250?! Wow. I started taking my lunch to work instead of eating out and plugged that leak, and all of a sudden I was able to save an extra $200 a month and had an emergency savings again. Anyway, great website, great app, the whole thing is just freakin awesome!

MyFitnessPal – This is only great if you actually use it daily but it tracks what you eat (and it has a HUGE food database! I’ve never had to add anything, everything I have eaten or drank has already been in there. It also tracks your exercise, but I don’t exercise (I know I SHOULD but I don’t…I’m just being honest). It’s great too because once you plug in your current weight and your ideal weight it tells you what to keep your calorie intake at in order to meet your weight goals. I also like it because as you add meals or snacks it will give you tips, for example, today I have only eaten a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and drank a 20oz Sprite. I entered the sandwich and sprite and it came back with a little message that said my calorie intake is too low and if I continue to eat this way I will become unhealthy and my eating habits are bordering on starvation. I kind of chuckled because this is not normal eating habits for me, I just way overslept today and missed breakfast. The app is just looking out for me though, it’s kind of sweet. 🙂

Out of Milk – I used to really love this one because I loved the grocery list / to-do list on it but I’ve found an app I love even more for my grocery list so I’m starting to fall out of my love with Out of Milk although I do still use it for my to-do list. It’s free and for free, I still love it.

Shopper – This is also called Google Shopper. It provides sale items and actually breaks down by “For Him” “For Her” “Gadgets” “Beauty” “Baby Toys” and “Kids Toys” under the Featured Items on the home page. When I click on “Beauty” I get a whole page of beauty items, like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and I see that it’s $18.00 on and but $19.00 on and that it is not available at any local stores. The EcoTools Bamboo 6piece Eye Brush set is $6.29 on and $8.49 at Walgreens. Aside from the Featured Items you can scan a barcode or take a picture of the item. Looking for a book but the barcode won’t scan? Take a picture of the front cover and it will still search for you. To steal a word from my lovely friend Kacey…that is BriMazing (brilliant + amazing)!

ShopSavvy – It’s a lot like Google Shopper, you scan barcodes and it finds you the best price however, there is also a feature called “Deals.” The “Deals” feature brings up a list of all of the local stores that have special sales or promotions going on, like Best Buy currently has 15% Off on Energy Star Qualified Major Appliances. I’m not looking for appliances but if I was, I would know to check there. Best Buy also has a Panasonic 55-inch Plasma HDTV on sale for $1619.99 down from $1799.99. Nice to know! Target has a 20% sale right now on Patio Furniture. Then, when you pick the store you want to shop at, the app gives you directions. Beautiful!

UrbanSpoon – Does that one sound familiar? There is a commercial on TV about it with the two women who talk about using it for their food blog? Remember it? Well the app really is that fantastic! There is a cool feature on there called “Shake.” I just used it, just for the hell of it, and basically what it does is…you shake the phone and it works like a slot machine…the first column is city (it will pick from your current city plus neighboring cities), the second column is type of food, the third is a price column with options like $, $$, and $$$ to tell you how expensive it is. My current shake told me to stay in town, go eat barbecue and it’s $, then it recommends the proper restaurant – Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q. The app then gives me the address and phone number to the restaurant plus I can then click and read reviews from other customers who have eaten there. The second time I shook it the app told me to stay in town, eat American for $$ at Logan’s Roadhouse. The third time I shook it, it said to stay in town and go low-key and just have subs/sandwiches for $ at a local deli. If you don’t want to just shake it and roll the dice you can search nearby and it brings up all the restaurants nearby and it tells you how far away the restaurant is, what kind of food they serve, how much it is ($, $$, and $$$) plus you can still read reviews from other customers. It’s a great app! It definitely breaks you out of any routine and lets you break out and find new places to eat. Sounds good to me!

WomanLog – Obviously for women only. Lol. It tracks your menstrual cycle and fertility days plus it tells you the projection date for the start of your next cycle. It’s been really accurate for me, I like it.

My newest one though is Mighty Grocery. It’s the only one I’ve ever paid for, it was $2.99. I don’t know quite how to work it yet but I’m browsing on right now to learn all about it and how it works. I know that it breaks the groceries down by category, by aisle and allows you add the price of each item and the local tax rate so it can calculate how much you are going to spend before you even go shopping. You can create multiple lists (like groceries / clothes / gifts) or you can create multiple lists based on stores like (Wal-Mart / Kroger / Publix) because of sales they are running. It’s awesome. I’m addicted.

I guess that’s it. Those are my current favorite apps…oh…except for ESPN ScoreCenter. That is one is incredibly awesome too! With ScoreCenter I never miss the final score of any of my games. I have all of my FL teams added as my “favorites” so when I open the app I immediately get all of their final scores plus the date/time of their next game. I definitely love my apps!


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