I got the job!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 🙂

It really is a blessing, a HUGE blessing! When I first moved up here I didn’t work, I took three months off and settled in to my new town and my new life. I needed that time, we needed that time, and it was good for our relationship but it did take a toll on our finances (which was to be expected.)

The job search started…

I eventually picked up a part-time seasonal retail job which I absolutely hated! The management was horrible, the staff was rude, the environment was obnoxious and one evening I called my boyfriend at about 8pm when I was on my break and I was nearly in tears. He told me, “Just quit. Go out there, tell them you quit and I’ll come pick you up. I can be there in 10 minutes.” I did. I walked out of the break room, told my manager I quit and went outside to his waiting arms. It’s the first time I’ve ever walked out of a job like that but I don’t regret it. It was necessary.

But the job search started again…

Then I was hired by a neighboring city, working for the city, making good money. I was super excited about the job but then major snow hit the area, my car did NOT  react well to the horrible weather and I started having all sorts of major mechanical problems. I couldn’t even get it started most days. After getting an estimate for repairs, which was way outside of our price range, we decided to sell it. Selling a car and downsizing to one vehicle meant there was no way I could take a job out of town so I had to call them, explain the situation, and turn it down. That sucked.

And so, the job search started again…

I found another part-time retail job. It wasn’t great. I only worked about 15-20 hours a week and at minimum wage that didn’t bring home very much. We were ok because we did have his income and money in savings which we used to supplement what we made but it was still going fast. I didn’t have any health insurance, I was starting to let go of my “extras” like random shopping for shoes and make-up (neither of us wanted that. I want to be spoiled and he wants me to be spoiled!) and we want to get married! This was just not going to work! I wanted something full-time and plus I wanted to be able to wear whatever I felt like wearing and not have to conform to a “uniform.” I continued working the part-time job but…

the job search continued…

One day I was surfing the internet (as I tend to do from time to time *wink* *wink*) and I thought to myself, “Hey…when you lived in Florida you worked for the utility. Maybe the utility office here is hiring.) Now, I’m not foolish, I had checked their website before, many times in fact, but there were never any openings. On this day though, there was ONE opening, for a receptionist. I thought to myself, “Well…it IS utilities, it is the field you left, it’s not your dream position but it’s a start, and it’s full-time, and it pays more per hour than you’re making now. Go for it.” I sent in my resume and an application. About two weeks later the position was no longer posted so I called to follow-up. They had not filled the position and were preparing to schedule interviews. I called twice a week for the next week until I had an interview scheduled. I had the interview and I felt like it went fantastic! I called to follow-up after my interview and left a voicemail and then yesterday they called and offered me the job! Even better news though…after contacting my references and hearing such glowing comments about me they not only wanted to offer me the job but offered me more money per hour than what was advertised! YAYYYY! Lesson learned there? Choose your references wisely and keep in touch with former employers, managers, supervisors, and co-workers that you had good working relationships with, it pays off. So I took the obligatory drug screening today and signed the acceptance letter and I start on Tuesday!

Now, once the paychecks start coming in and I’m able to set a budget based on our new financial situation my first order of business is to factor in a “Ashley Fun Money” category so I can cover my spoils. Wish me luck on the new job. I’m so, so, so excited!!!


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