Too Faced

This whole last week all I’ve heard are good things about Too Faced cosmetics. I complimented a woman on this gorgeous shade of eyeshadow and asked who made it, she said she ordered it online from Too Faced. I watched a make-up video on YouTube from EmilyNoel83 and she raved about Too Faced eyeshadow primer. My sister even e-mailed me about this new eyeliner she found that she got from Too Faced. I finally caved and now I’m online searching their site and all I keep thinking is, “I hope I am hired for this new job because I have make-up to buy!”

There is one eyeshadow palette that is called “Romantic Eye” that has colors like “soulmate” “I do” “Kiss the Bride” and “Ever After.” I know you are all saying, “Awww….” at least, I was. The colors all look beautiful for springtime, they are all pink and purple and brown. Beautiful! Just by looking at the palette it’s easy to identify your highlight and crease colors, I only wish that it looked like you got more of each one. It looks like it is a bit short on the lid and crease colors, I could see myself running out sort of quick and at $35.00 I wouldn’t be buying these very often. Actually, I’m not sure I’ll buy it at all but they look so pretty! I know there are people out there will say, “But you’re getting NINE colors!” and that’s true and so yes, I suppose it does break down to only approximately $4.00 per color but look at the tiny amount that you get? Is it worth it? I don’t know. I guess it depends on how pigmented each color is and how much it takes to create the look I want and I won’t know that until I buy it will I? Does that mean I’m spending $35.00 on one palette of springtime eyeshadow? It is quite possible that is exactly what that means but it will only mean that if I get this new job.

Do you notice that the new job thing keeps popping up? Keep your fingers crossed for me, a lot really is depending on that right now.

Another cool thing about the Too Faced cosmetics? They come with these cute little tip cards. Behold…


Cool, right?


I don’t know how many tip cards you get but I still think they would be nice to have, at the very least it would be nice to have a little inspiration.

Their single eyeshadow’s are $16.00 and their duo’s are $17.00. If I wasn’t going to buy a palette I would at the very least buy a duo. They all have such cute names!

Sexpresso / Peach Fuzz

Erotica / Silk Teddy

Ooh / Aah

Lol. Can’t you just imagine? “I love your eyeshadow! What are you wearing?” “Oh, I have Erotica in my crease and I’m using Silk Teddy as my highlight.” Awesome. They aren’t all dirty though, most of them Silver Pearl or Sable Brown, I personally just chuckled at the other names.

Their website is Go and check them out, they have some pretty cool products. I’ll have to check them out soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Too Faced

  1. Very gorgeous palette! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to agree, all that I’ve heard about Two Faced has been nothing but positive. A few of my other favorite gurus use ONLY Two Faced products in their tutorials, and I have been wanting to try them so bad. I love the colors of this one and it does look like a really good bridal palette. The tip cards that you mentioned are a good plus! As you mentioned- it is a good inspiration! And the names are priceless! Good post!

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