Job Interview

My interview was today at 3pm.

I have never worked so hard for a job before but I really want this one. When I lived in Florida I worked for the County Government doing administrative work for their utility office and now here I am in Alabama and their City Government utility office had an opening about a month ago. I saw it online and I applied immediately. I have been working part-time at a job I don’t really enjoy just to have some extra money but I’ve been looking for and praying for something that would be full-time and be at least similar to what I was doing before so when I saw this one it felt like a dream.

I e-mailed me resume in about a month ago and about a week later I was on their website and I saw that the opening had been taken down. I called their HR office to inquire and they said that the position had been filled and they would be scheduling interviews soon. I waited three days and then called them again to inquire and they told me they had not yet set a date for interviews but would be in touch. I waited five days then called again, then three days and called again. Yes I was being pushy but I really want this job! The last time I spoke to them they were scheduling interviews and I was scheduled for 3pm today.

I woke up early, ate breakfast, spent about two hours making sure I looked absolutely perfect and at 2:30pm drove up to the office. It went well. At least I feel like it did. I interviewed in front of a panel of three women and it was very comfortable. They were nice and friendly and I felt very at ease. I walked out of the interview feeling like the job was mine but now, three hours later, my doubts are setting in. Should I have said this instead of that? Was that a stupid thing to say? Did I make a good impression? At the end of my interview the one woman from HR told me that I was over-qualified and asked why I wanted this entry-level position. I thought quick and replied and she responded with, “Great answer” but now I’m wondering if being over-qualified is going to cost me the job. I hope not. I hope they could tell how badly I want this job.

I hope they respond soon and I hope they offer me good news. Until then I suppose I better just get used to sitting on these pins and needles.


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