Goodbye skinny jeans

Goodbye skinny jeans- MSN Money.

Skinny jeans are out and flared-bottom jeans are in! Oh boy, we’re bringing the 60’s – 70’s back again. I’m kidding, even though I actually  prefer boot cut jeans I can get on board with the flared bottom jeans trend. My problem with the skinny jeans has been the trend of loose flowy tops because, being short, the tunics chop my legs off and make me look even shorter than I am so I feel like a dwarf in leggings and it’s hard to feel cute. It was especially hard during the winter because between the long tunic tops and the knee-high boots you’re lucky if you even catch an inch or two of my legs, I looked like a shirt with shoes. Awful.

I can, however, totally rock the flared bottom jeans because I can wear a short to normal length shirt and a pair of heels or sandals and suddenly I have legs again! I just hope they don’t try to bring back the crazy wide bell bottoms like JNCO released back in the late 90’s. I’m on board though and I’m looking forward to the new looks although I’m not rushing right now to buy the first pair of flared bottom jeans I can find because it is springtime and to me spring/summer means shorts and dresses. I actually might want to dig through my closet because I’m fairly certain I have a pair of dark blue denim flared jeans in my closet from a year or two ago and I’ll bring them back out and all of a sudden I’m on trend! 🙂

Whatever you do, I don’t recommend investing any of your hard earned dollars in to any more skinny jeans because if retailers have their way they are on their way out.


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