Shocking Video of Britain’s Oldest Circus Elephant Beaten

Shocking Video of Britain’s Oldest Circus Elephant Beaten.

I’m sorry.

This isn’t happy or cheerful or beautiful but I saw it and it made me cry and now I’m sad.

I will NEVER go to another circus again! I know that not all circuses are bad and not all trainers abuse the animals but I have just heard too many bad things and seen too many sad videos to feel right about going to them anymore. I haven’t been to a circus in years anyway but now I will make a point of never going to another one.

Now, just to say, I do not feel the same way about zoos. I actually like zoos and I support zoos. I know that there are people that disagree and will say that zoos are just as bad but I disagree. I consider zoos in the same light that I consider wildlife sanctuaries. I consider zoos as protective habitats for animals that are threatened and/or endangered. I consider zoos as places where animals can live and be cared for and protected from poachers, hunters, other predators and from civilization forcing them out of their habitat. Zoos are a place where endangered species can be tracked and in some cases even mated to encourage population of their kind.

That being said, this video of the poor elephant being beaten makes my heart hurt and it makes me sad. I did sign their petition and I hope that Annie is freed and allowed to live out her remaining days in a sanctuary. Elephants are social animals and she should be allowed to interact with her own kind and find some sort of peace and happiness at the end of her life. The average life expectancy of an elephant is 70 years, Annie is already 57 and arthritic. It’s heartbreaking that her life has been so hard and so sad.


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