Ring Shopping

We have been having the talks! The engagement and wedding and marriage and happily ever after talks! It’s fantastic and I love it!

Initially I told him I wanted no part in choosing my engagement ring. I didn’t want to pick it out and know what I was getting before I got it. The engagement ring is supposed to be his gift to me to symbolize the promise of marriage and if it is his gift to me then why should I be picking it out? He insisted, I balked, he asked again, I refused, finally we compromised.

Yayyyyy for compromise! Isn’t that what good relationships are all about anyway? We compromised and I agreed to pick out my top 3-5 favorite rings and then the final decision would be his. This way I am guiding him but not actually choosing my own ring. It sounded like a good arrangement to me, until that is, I started actually ring shopping.

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, I have discovered there are a lot of rings that I just do not like, not at all. I’m really glad he pushed me in to looking for my own ring. I knew that I wanted white gold, it’s practically all I wear but I didn’t really have any idea of other specifics. After the last week or so of online browsing and shopping I’ve learned that what I really want is a white gold ring with a round diamond. I love the look of the round diamonds! I’m leaning toward this one…

I love it. I love everything about it. It’s perfect.

The hard part now is the waiting. I know I’m going to have to wait at least until the summer and it’s going to be hard but it’s going to be so worth it! How fast can I put a wedding together? Keep reading my blog to find out because I have every intention of being married by September. Engaged in June? Married by September? Can it be done? Yes it can and I”m determined to do it.


One thought on “Ring Shopping

  1. You go girl! You definitely can do it! That is sooo exciting! Good choice of ring by the way, I think we have similar tastes. That’s kind of how it was for my fiance and I as well. He really wanted me to go shopping with him to pick it out, but I can’t help that I love surprises! So like you guys, we compromised. I showed him a picture of a ring that I loved from a magazine, and he went his family’s favorite jewelry store to find a similar one. Although, it wasn’t exactly the one from the magazine, it was a million times better because the final choice was his. 🙂 So I can definitely relate! I can’t wait to hear of your planning along the way! Woohoo!

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