Dress-up Doll

As soon as I got to work today I realized it was not going to be a “work” night. No one there was really acting like they wanted to work and it became very obvious it was going to be a shopping day (I currently work part-time in retail).

One woman that I work with came running over to me with this cute purple/gray striped tunic with a wide black belt and told me I had to try it on. I looked at it and the tag said “S.” I laughed and told her there was no way I was going to fit in to a small. She ran off and came back with these gray skinny jeans with a ruched knee and a pair of gray shorts in a size 4 and a black and white lacy tank and told me to go try it all on. I was going to be her dress-up doll for the night. It worked for me, I didn’t feel like working anyway, but I knew there was no way I was going to fit in to any of that stuff.

Surprise! It all fit. I was amazed! What? Huh? Seriously? Wow.

When I moved from FL  I weighed about 150lbs and was wearing a size 8/10 comfortably. I went to the Dr. here a few week ago for an annual check-up and I weighed about 130lbs. I knew that all of my clothes were getting loose and I knew that I was going to have to buy new clothes soon but I had no idea that I had gone from a size 8/10 to a size 4 and that I was able to fit in to Juniors clothes. Now, I am not one of those women that wants to wear Juniors clothes but I do like knowing I can fit in to Juniors jeans since they are usually shorter in length and fit my short frame better.

I ended up buying the gray shorts and the gray skinny jeans with the ruched knee. I’m not sure if I bought them because I like them or if it was because the size was so much smaller than I was used to and it felt flattering. I’ve always hated my legs, ok I’ll be honest, I’ve hated my thighs so I’m not sure why I bought the gray skinny jeans because they are stretchy and therefore kind of snug through my thighs. I felt comfortable in them though. I just kept thinking about this white ruffly shirt I have at home and how cute those jeans would be with that shirt and a pair of black heels. It’s a weird state of mind I find myself in right now though because I still feel like I need to lose weight and I still feel like a chunky monkey but when I’m buying “S” jeans and size 4 shorts I really don’t feel like I need to lose weight. Maybe I just feel like I need to because I’m not very toned. Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I need to just lift a few weights at home and do a few crunches and tighten up, not drop pounds. I don’t know.

I felt sexy at a size 8/10. I didn’t intend to lose weight, I think it just happened with my move. I was busy, I was stressing, I wasn’t laying around my house vegging out like I always used to. I actually feel less sexy now than I did before because I’ve lost most of my curves, although when I wear tighter clothes (like those skinny jeans) I feel sexy again because it shows the curves I still have. Maybe that is why women wear those tight skinny clothes? Maybe that is why they stay in style? Again…I don’t know.

I worked for 4.5 hours tonight and played dress-up all night. It was fun. I wish I could hire my co-worker as my personal stylist. She made me look fab!

Now on to my haircut. I’m making an appointment for Wednesday and I have no idea what I want to do. There is a part of me that wants to cut it but I don’t feel ready to go short. I don’t even know that I want to go to a medium length. I’ve browsed the web for Spring 2011 hair trends and I keep seeing wavy hair, braids, low buns, messy updo’s and a bunch of other things that are easier to do with long hair. Although big barrettes are coming back and you can wear those with short hair. Do I want to go short though? I don’t think so, not yet anyway. I’m thinking about a wedding in September and I want my long hair at my wedding. I also have been seeing that heavy blunt bangs are coming in but to me bangs are more Fall/Winter when I don’t have humidity to contend with. Humidity + Bangs = A bad combination. I don’t know what I’m going to do.


2 thoughts on “Dress-up Doll

    • Thanks! The best part about the job is the dressing up and discounts. My paycheck is gone before I get it because I want everything in the store. Who needs to pay bills? There are shoes that need to be bought! Lol.

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