I Don’t Love Curls

At least I don’t necessarily love the length of time it takes in the morning to get my bone-straight hair in to curls but I do love changing up my look from time to time. This morning was one of those times. I have tried so many methods to getting curly hair. I’ve tried sleeping in foam rollers, using hot rollers, using a curling iron (of various sizes) and on and on…but about a year ago my sister said, “Why don’t you just use your flat iron? It will curl too, you know?” Well, no I didn’t know. How was I to know a FLAT iron would curl? I thought you needed a CURLING iron for curl. Well anyway, I tried and it didn’t work. Apparently it has to be a small barrel flat iron with a rounded edge which I didn’t use. I used too large of plates and a square edge. At her urging I invested in a $75 flat iron that she swore would work. It did. When I curled my hair I looked like this…

I was at a baby shower…please forgive all the clothespins attached to my shirt. 🙂 Oh, and yes, those are blue highlights in my hair. It was MLB playoffs and I was representing my Tampa Bay Rays!

It normally takes me at least 35-40 minutes to curl my normally straight hair. I have always blamed the fact that it was so long (this picture was 7 months ago) but today, surprisingly, it only took me about 15 minutes. Either my hair is suddenly easier to work with or I am finally getting the hang of curling my hair with a flat iron. Maybe it was my lack of proper technique that made it so difficult? Or maybe today my awesomeness was just piqued at an exceptionally high level and everything was going quite swimmingly. I don’t know, all I know is it took me 15 minutes to curl my hair and it was one of those “I feel beautiful” days today. I wore a ruffly white shirt which always makes me feel girlie and summery and it as a good day.

Back to my hair though…I keep thinking it would be easier if I cut a few inches off but at the moment I refuse to relinquish my long hair. It’s the longest I’ve had it in years and I enjoy the options it gives me although, to be honest, it could use a trim. I might be willing to part with an inch or two soon but first I have to find someone I trust to cut my hair. Did you know that finding a good stylist is one of the most important business relationships you will form? It’s true. I’ve lived here now for going on 6 months and I still have not found a salon & spa or stylist that I trust with my hair, nails, brows, etc. It’s all been DIY and while admittedly I usually enjoy DIY projects I do not enjoy them when it comes to dying and/or cutting my hair. I leave those two tasks to the professionals.

Oh…and I have learned that my hair is easier to curl with NO product in it. Why is that? I think perhaps my hair is just rebellious. I have tried mousse and gel and styling creams and pomades and hairspray. Nothing works. I think it all weighs my hair down and then the curl doesn’t hold. The only time the curl will take and hold is if I wash it, condition it, dry it and then curl it. I’ve heard it’s easier to style slightly dirty hair (like a day unwashed) but not true with me, if it’s not washed daily it gets incredibly super greasy and holds no style. I just don’t get it. I love my hair but damn it…sometimes I just wished it followed the rules!


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