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Thanks to my bloggy cousin Miss Alyss (check out her blog… I’ve been watching emilynoel83’s YouTube Make-Up videos. O.M.G. why have I not been watching these already?!? I’ve watched four videos this morning and I’m in love. She’s fantastic!

She essentially provides reviews of make-up and then also offers tutorials on how to apply the make-up. What I especially love is that she doesn’t review only the expensive products but she reviews more affordable options as well, like the products from E.L.F. ( My sister actually turned me on to E.L.F. Cosmetics about two years ago but I didn’t love it the way she did but now after watching EmilyNoel83’s videos I’m thinking I need to go back and re-try them. Maybe they have gotten better? Or maybe I just wasn’t applying them properly. I don’t know but I’m watching her apply the make-up in her videos and she looks beautiful! I need to give E.L.F. another chance.

I’m also thinking of trying out Coastal Scents gel liners. Miss Alyss said on her blog that she saw a video of EmilyNoel83’s where she nearly rubbed her hand raw without even a hint of smudge on those liners. If that’s true I’m ALL over it! I can never keep my eyeliners from smudging and I do love eyeliners! I have tons of them in purple and green and blue and black and gray and bronze but they all smudge. It’s awful. They don’t smudge on the top of my lid but when I wear them underneath they always do. I always try to wear them as a bottom liner but then I walk around paranoid all day because I know, I just KNOW, that they have smudged so I’m constantly checking in the mirror and it’s a nuisance. I’ve tried to use eyeshadow as a bottom liner but with the dark circles that I struggle with the shadow just ends up bringing more attention to them.

So what do I do?

I just continue to experiment and try. I definitely need to buy new brushes and then I’m going to buy some more E.L.F. Cosmetics (some of them are only $1 ,can you believe that? Awesome!) and some Coastal Scents liner. I’ve also heard some really great things about the Urban Decay primers and they have a set on sale right now for $39. The set includes eyeshadow primer, make-up primer, lip primer and something else I just can’t remember right now.

I recently applied for a new job in town and I sure do hope I get hired! I’m working part-time right now but it doesn’t pay me enough to cover all of my bills and have enough left over for responsible savings and fun spending money for my fashion and make-up wants. This new job is full-time, is in the same field I left behind in FL that I miss so much and pays better. I am hoping and hoping and hoping. Then…watch out! My shopping love will be back in full force!

Oh…and if you don’t have a membership with go and check them out and sign up. It’s $39.95 a month (you can skip the month though at any time and not be charged) and at the beginning of every month they offer you a showroom of shoe styles that match your results of a fashion quiz and you select the pair you want and they ship them to you with no shipping fee. $39.95 for a pair of absolutely gorgeous shoes! They are all so beautiful and so unique and anytime I wear them I get nothing  but compliment after compliment from everyone that sees them. I have had to skip the last few months because I’ve been trying to get all settled in to my new life but I’m hoping in the next month or two I can start getting my shoe deliveries back on track. 🙂


2 thoughts on “YouTube Make-Up

  1. Aw thanks bloggy cousin! I’m glad you’ve been able to watch emilynoel’s videos! What actually turned me on about her was that a lot of the products she reviews is affordable as you said! I’m glad you enjoy them! And thats great that your trying the liners too, they definitely seem to work well. I hopefully will receive mine soon and I’ll let you know what I think. Good luck with the job, hope it works out! 🙂 Oooooh and I’m for sure checking out shoedazzle. I love unique shoes. Thanks for the info!!! I think its time for me to start looking for a full time job as well, my current part-time just isn’t cutting it with all this splurging, haha.

    • Shoedazzle is the best! Let me know if you sign up with them. I get my best shoes from there. Tomorrow maybe I’ll post a few pics to show you. Right now I am using these ELF liners but they smudge like crazy and I just hate it.

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