It’s Spring!

I took my puppy out for his morning walk this morning and it was so beautiful! It was warm and sunny and there were little flowers sprouting. It made me smile and I could tell Tebow was loving it so I let him stay out a little longer than normal just sniffing around and enjoying the new weather. I love spring time! I love the weather, I love the flowers, I love the fashion and the shoes (sandals!!!)

All day today I’ve been taking mental inventory of my spring season fashion staples and I have to say, it’s sad and I’m running low. I’m running low on clothes in my closet anyway because I’ve lost about 17lbs since I moved in October and I’ve dropped nearly two dress sizes so I feel like I’m swimming in just about everything. I have a few pairs of shorts but none I really like and I have this one really cute denim skirt I bought last season but it was loose then so it’s definitely too big now. I have about 32 dresses which makes me very happy but about half of them are work dresses, you know, shirt dresses and professional prints so nothing I would really want to wear to a barbecue or picnic or to the park. It’s apparent, I need to go shopping. I’m a online shopper so I took to the web this evening and boy oh boy am I getting some spring fashion inspiration! I was on (love it!) and I saw this pink chiffon blouse from and fell in love. I must have it. It’s pink AND it’s ruffly? What’s not to love? Lol. I read that pink is going to be a big color this spring and right now I only have two pink shirts and one pink dress so I am going to need to up the pink factor. I bought a new shimmery pink nail polish a few weeks ago, I think it was called Pink Champagne or something like that and I loved it in the bottle but not so much on my nails. It’s too pale, it’s almost non-existent which is disappointing but oh well…so it goes sometimes. I was on the other day shoe shopping. If you’ve never heard of it’s a great site for shoes! I don’t really use it for clothes or accessories but I love, love, love it for shoes! I found these and they just screamed SPRING TIME!

All I can see in my head now is that pink ruffly chiffon blouse with a white skirt and those blue polka dot Mary Janes with a low curly ponytail and I’m thinking adorable! I love spring time. 🙂

I need to up my shoe collection so bad. Right now I have ruffly black heels that need to be replaced because when I wore them to work the other day I noticed the sole was starting to come off in the front. I guess I could have them repaired but they are a few years old and really are getting pretty worn out. I already threw out my other black heels before I moved so I can’t throw them out until I replace them. I’ll do that soon. I want spring time shoes though. I just applied for a new job and I’m hoping I get it. I have a lot of experience in the field and I know I’m qualified. I called them last week to check on the status of the opening and they said they would be calling early this coming week for interviews. If I am called for an interview I know the job is mine. I’m extremely charming in person. Lol. First I need to build my savings back up to a comfortable cushion but then I’m going on a shopping trip!

I was on (my go-to site for cheap costume jewelry accessories) and I found this “ClothesHorse” Seahorse necklace and it’s so stinkin cute! They have a lot of cute little quirky things like this on there. They have a necklace of a Goldfinch bird and another one of a Stegosaurus that I want too. This ClothesHorse though I really like. He’s cute and colorful and I imagine he would go with just about anything. He is pretty big but I like big jewelry, plus look at the pink on him! See? Pink again. I love him. It actually takes me back and makes me think of when I was a little girl and I used to watch the “My Little Pony” cartoon and they had the regular My Little Ponies and then there were their friends who were SeaPonies. Lol. I loved the SeaPonies! I used to play SeaPonies with my friends in the pool when I lived in Florida. The silly things we do as kids. Ha!

Anyway…spring time. I’m so not ready for it but I love it and I’m glad it’s here! Yayyyy warm weather!


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