Dark Circles

I wish I could find a way to make the dark circles under my eyes go away! It’s very frustrating. I eat healthy and I get plenty of sleep but they just never, ever, ever, seem to go away. I bought this eye roller thingy by Neutrogena that said to roll it on under my eyes every day and after the first week or so I would notice “dramatic improvement.” “Ok,” I thought, “I’m game. Let’s try it.” Well it’s not some super magic dark circle disappeary thing, it’s concealer, in a wand, with a rolly ball at the end. Disappointing. I already had concealer! It’s how I look normal.

Let me set this rant up. I woke up this morning and it was beautiful outside (again)! It was sunny and so pretty that I opened up the door to the balcony and it was warm and it felt like a perfect day to go to the park. I asked my boyfriend and he was up for going and our puppy? Well he’s always up for going outside so I rushed back in to the bedroom and threw on this little orange cotton dress, nothing special, some sandals and was ready to go. “A shower?” I thought, “I’ll take one later” but I did stop long enough to sprinkle some baby powder in my hands and run it through my roots real quick to dry up the little  bit of excess oil. I need to invest in some more dry shampoo, it’s on my list of things to buy. I was anxious to get outside.

We went to the park and Tebow was strutting all around, he had an attitude like “I OWN this place! This is MY park bitches!” We took him down by the pond to see the ducks. They were cute, he was a little bit nervous because they were bigger than him and when they started quacking, it took him by surprise but it didn’t stop him. He wanted to see those damn ducks! He was a happy boy.

We took a bunch of pictures though, it was nice to be able to take some pictures without snow all over the ground for a change. I took pictures of the ducks and of the puppy and of my boyfriend and he took pictures of the ducks and of the puppy and of me. It was once I saw those pictures of me that I said OMG!!! How could I have left the house without at least SOME make-up on?!? Look at my eyes! It wasn’t pretty. Are you ready? I’ll show you but it’s scary, I promise…here you go…

Ok, so it could have been worse. There are worse pictures but I’m not sharing them. See though? I have fair skin  and my fair skin is fine, I can go without much foundation but the eyes? Wow. So how do I make those circles go  away? Or at least fade?

Any ideas?

Any tips?

Anything ?

I need help, or maybe I should just accept that I have dark circles under my eyes and I can’t make them go away so I should just accept that I am never, ever, ever to leave the house without first applying, at the minimum, some under-eye concealer. I feel like I look like I should be one of the zombies on “The Walking Dead.” Too extreme? I don’t think so. Ugh. Ok, enough of the blogging, I’m off to  Google under-eye circle remedies.


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