Easter Decor

It’s almost Easter!!! Now I’ll admit it’s not my favorite holiday (that would be New Years) but it sure is up there on my list. I mostly love decorating for Easter plus I love that it’s usually warm enough for me to bust all of my dresses out of the closet and start feeling all warm and spring/summery again.

I moved in October and I left just about everything I owned behind so I’m starting all anew up here in Alabama. I had a beautiful Fall Harvest welcome wreath on my door through October/November (and yes…even December. I know…I know…but I’ll get on Christmas next year). I had nothing for Valentine’s Day because I couldn’t find one I liked but I did find a awesome St. Patrick’s Day door sign for my front door. It’s a big sparkly 4-leaf clover that says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” and while it isn’t the most original door sign it is sparkly and I like that. It’s pretty and it makes me smile so it stays. St. Patrick’s Day is in 4 days however and it can’t stay up forever so I need a new door sign for Easter. I found this one online at terrysvillage.com and I think it’s so cute!


TerrysVillage actually has a whole bunch of Easter decorations and I wish I had a better job so I could buy a whole bunch of them and totally Easter my apartment but I can’t. Not this year. I’m still recovering from the move. I’m not sure if I’m going to order that sign or buy one from Hobby Lobby. Last time I was up there, when I bought my St. Patrick’s Day sign, there were tons of Easter signs and some were really cute! Plus they had lots of other cute Easter stuff and I do need a few things to decorate the place. I haven’t decided if I’m going to color eggs this year or not. There aren’t any kids around so I won’t be hiding any, unless I hide them for my boyfriend but I don’t know that he really cares to go egg hunting. Lol. I would need to find some incentive. I might color them just to decorate though.  A bowl of pretty, and possibly glittery, easter eggs is always nice to have on the tabletop. I’ll think about it.


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